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Various researches have shown and proved that visual stimulations have the power to grab students’ attention, as very few students respond well to the textual content. Learning through videos can also build bigger memory imprint and increase knowledge retention among students. Thoroughly understanding the merits of learning through videos in the education industry, Entab presents the Mono Learning Videos Module of i-Learn that comes with a library of more than 5500 CBSE topics and 7500 ICSE topics catering to the K12 Curriculum of Mathematics and Science across the globe. It’s not only a collection of videos but a complete solution that comprises 3D animated videos, 3D interactive models, 3D simulations, images, text, weblinks, key-terms, glossary, and quizzes to test what students have learned.

The Mono module of i-Learn gives teachers the flexibility while explaining the most complex topics by making use of features such as pause, play, replay, etc. to review specific areas or to clear doubts of the students. With this module, teachers can create a flipped classroom by blending modern methods of teaching with traditional classroom methods.

What are the Benefits of the Augmented Reality Module?

  • Long Term Memory Retention

  • Practical Learning

  • Better Collaboration

  • Elevated Student Engagement

  • More Effective and Faster Learning Experience

  • Increased Motivation

Features of Augmented Reality Module

  • Scan images through mobile/tablet

  • Augment 2D images into 3D interactive models

  • 3D Simulations for enticing and interactive learning

  • Videos and Quizzes for testing students’ understanding of the topic

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