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CBSE 5th Grade Science cover

CBSE 5th Grade Science

Central Board of Secondary Education

Animated Video CBSE Syllabus 5th Grade Science

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CHAP 1: SUPER SENSES: Introduction, Has this ever happened to you?, Super scence of ant, dog, mosquito, Story related to super sense, Super sense of sight, Super sense of hearing, Sounds send messages,  Say it with sounds, Sleeping-waking (with time representation), Tiger's super sense, Summary.

CHAP 2: A SNAKE CHARMER'S STORY: Story About A Snake Charmer, Government animal protection law, Summary.

CHAP 3: FROM TASTING TO DIGESTING: Introduction, Different tastes, Close your eyes and tell, Chew it or chew it well: What’s the difference? , Straight from the heart, Nitu was given a glucose drip, Martin’s Window, Story – A Stomach with a Window, Good food, good health concept, Proper food.

CHAP 4: MANGOES ROUND THE YEAR: Introduction, Food Spoilage, Food Wastage, How does food get Spoilt? , Food Preservation, A small story about mango.

CHAP 5: SEEDS AND SEEDS: Intro, Sprouting Seeds, Activity, Plant your seeds, Plants which hunt! , Wandering Seeds, Idea of Velcro, Summary.

CHAP 6:  EVERY DROP COUNTSLong Long Ago, Through the eyes of Al-Biruni, Drop-by-drop, Drop-by-drop, Customs related to water, This is how we get water.

CHAP 7:  EXPERIMENTS WITH WATER: Introduction, What floats – what sinks? , Activity, What dissolved, what did not? , Racing drops, Evaporation, Dandi March.

CHAP 8: A TREAT FOR MOSQUITOES: Disease-Causing Mosquito, Prevent Mosquito Bites, Medicine for Malaria, Anemia, Baby mosquitoes, Diseases Caused By Flies, A scientist peeps into a mosquito’s stomach, Summary.

CHAP 9: UP YOU GO!: Mountain climbing,A big responsibility, difficulties faced by mountaineers, Crossing the river, Rock climbing, Camp in the snow,Alone on the mountain top, Snowstorm.

CHAP 10: WALLS TELL STORIES: Introduction Golconda fort and its walls gates, fountains, Golconda fort map, Why these attacks?, Arrangements for water, museum.

CHAP 11: SUNITA IN SPACE:  Introduction, earth, Sunita’s experiences of living in space! , gravitational pull, night sky.

CHAP 12: WHAT IF IT FINISHES...?: Petroleum Products, Measures to Save the petrol and diesel, Who Am I, Wood For Chulha.

CHAP 13: A SHELTER SO HIGH!: Introduction, A traveler’s tale, Getting ready, New home, Cold desert, At home with Tashi, The Changpa, Return journey.

CHAP 14: WHEN THE EARTH SHOOK!: A bad dream, Earthquake, Help arrives, the disaster management plans and safety rules.

CHAP 15: BLOW HOT, BLOW COLD: Introduction, The story about woodcutter, Activity, The clock inside you.

CHAP 16:  WHO WILL DO THIS WORK?: Introduction, different kinds of works, and reason for doing certain work, Remembering those days, A childhood story, A conversation in school - the reality today, Summary.

CHAP 17:  ACROSS THE WALL: Introduction, Meeting the team, Begining of the team, More about Team, What next? , Some more difficulties face by the team, Coachs' words about the team, Summary.

CHAP 18:  NO PLACE FOR US? : Introduction, Jatryabhai, Remembering old days, Across the river, Discuss and tell, Imagine, A new place, Some years later, Debate, Summary.

CHAP 19:  A SEED TELLS A FARMER'S STORY: Introduction, I am a small seed! , When times changed, More and more expenses, Read the report from a newspaper and discuss it, Bhaskarbhai’s Farm, Journey of a bajra seed–from a field to a plate, Summary.

CHAP 20:  WHOES FORESTS?: Introduction, Daughter of the jungle, Growing Up, Suryamani’s journey, Suryamani’s Torang, Lottery for farming in Mizoram, Jhoom farming, Summary.

CHAP 21:  LIKE FATHER, LIKE DAUGHTER: Introduction, Who is whose aunt? , How we are all related! ,  Is this a mirror? , This from the family, But not this from parents, Experiments with peas – rough or smooth? , Some from the family, some from the environment, Summary.

CHAP 22: ON THE MOVE AGAIN: Introduction, Dhanu’s village, Farmers life in such villages and problems faced.


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